Project Detail

#6 Biomass Boiler Relocation

Athens & Old Town, ME

The Georgia-Pacific Old Town Mill was modified to maintain the exact geometry and configuration as the existing building in Athens where the biomass boiler is being relocated from.

Scope of Work

Cianbro relocated a biomass boiler, a 16-megawatt steam turbine generator, and the balance of plant and auxiliary systems, along with the wood yard equipment, buildings, and conveyors, from Athens to the Georgia-Pacific Mill in Old Town, located 65 miles away.

Project Details

  • Took apart the boiler in Athens and shipped it in sections to the Old Town site
  • Relocated the following equipment:
    • Babcock & Wilcox boiler (851 tons) and auxiliary equipment, boiler support steel and building steel
    • GE steam turbine, generator, and auxiliary equipment
    • Major process piping, platforms, MCC’s, and instruments
    • Dust collector, precipitator, and stack
    • FD and ID fans, motors and ductwork
    • Wood yard equipment
  • Installed the following new equipment:
    • Siding, roofing, and cooling tower
    • Superheater section, generating bank, and air heater tubes
    • Natural gas burner, valve train, igniter, scanner, and air scanner system
    • NCG Line from the #5 boiler to the relocated #6 boiler
    • Fuel gas recirculation air fan and duct
    • Fuel feed conveyer, wood yard foundations
    • New power distribution and controls

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The equipment involved with this project is so large that most of the parts relocated required over-width permits. Twelve of the loads were 80,000 pounds or greater in weight. The heaviest loads transported were the superheat bundle at 109,000 pounds and the 8 foot, 6 inch, 135-foot long stack, weighing 112,000 pounds.