Project Detail

Stratton 40MW Power Plant

Stratton, ME

Scope of Work

Cianbro constructed a new, 40MW, wood-fired power plant.

Project Details

  • Installed a 400,000 pound per hour traveling-grate field-erected boiler
  • Erected a 45.5MW condensing turbine/generator with six extraction points for feedwater heating
  • Constructed fuel storage and handling facilities
  • Installed a fuel processing building containing fuel screens and hoggers
  • Constructed turbine/generator and boiler buildings along with an office facility, warehouse, and maintenance shop
  • Erected a multicyclone, electrostatic precipitator and a two-cell cooling tower
  • Installed a 290-foot self-supporting steel air exhaust stack
  • Built preliminary water treatment and zero discharge wastewater treatment systems
  • Installed electrical and control management systems for the entire plant including the burner management system
  • Main steam piping operating pressure was 1485 psig at a temperature of 955 degrees. Chrome Moly piping was used.