Project Detail

Occoquan Dam

Occoquan, VA

Scope of Work

Cianbro fabricated, installed, and tested the post-tensioned anchorage system for the Upper Occoquan Dam.

Project Details

  • Drilled 54 10-inch holes by 100 foot deep tendon holes and blockouts
  • Performed water tightness tests and consolidation grouting
  • Performed tendon installation, primary grouting and grout strength testing, and tensioning and testing of tendons
  • Performed secondary grouting, repair of blockouts, and installed Epoxy-coated tendons (flo-fil, flo-bond strand)
  • Performed post tensioning with a 2,500 ton hydraulic ram with a 13-inch diameter center hole
  • Post-tensioned 2,000 kip anchors composed of 40-53 strands
  • Installed a headwater/tailwater instrumentation system
  • Installed a structural monitoring system
  • Performed miscellaneous concrete repairs
  • Removed debris from the intake structure
  • Installed new trash racks