Project Detail

Pretty Boy Dam Rehabilitation

Parkton, MD

Managing work environments which included limited access within wet wells 120 feet below the operating floor and diving depths up to 110 feet at the exterior base of the dam, the Cianbro team performed a wide range of core competencies to complete this project.

Scope of Work

Cianbro rehabilitated a 133-foot dam and its operating equipment securing a 20 billion gallon drinking water reservoir for the City of Baltimore.

Project Details

  • Replaced the observation area, landings, and 196 stone stairs with stamped concrete—including painting and staining, along with installing 322 linear feet of railing
  • Installed 110 vertical feet of FRP stop logs into wet wells
  • Constructed 5 foot long by 18 inch wide temporary work platforms on 5/16 inch cables to access work inside the wet well up to 120 linear feet below the operating floor
  • Installed an overhead crane system
  • Fabricated and installed 80 linear feet of trash screens
  • Installed eight 48 inch by 60 inch sluice gates with motors
  • Installed seven, 600 pound, 2¼ inch thick, bulletproof 82 inch x 37 inch windows
  • Removed, refurbished, and replaced two 54 inch diameter cone valves and installed two, 36 inch ring jet valves with electric operators
  • Core drilled 2,000 linear feet of 4 inch diameter horizontal holes at depths from 8 feet to 110 feet below water to insert grout and anchor bars
  • Performed above and below water concrete repairs to the gatehouse and dam faces—including 2,200 cubic feet of shotcrete, crack injection, and grout application
  • Managed removal of lead-based paint

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Successfully managing work activities within the confines of 10 feet wide by 10 feet long wet wells inside the dam, the Cianbro team constructed temporary work platforms, suspending them on cables, to access work up to 120 linear feet below the operating floor.