Project Detail

Mount St. Mary's Solar Project - 17.7 MW DC

Emmitsburg, MD

Scope of Work

Cianbro constructed significant portions of a 17.7 DC MW solar project which incorporated Solar World 250-watt modules and First Solar Three 80-watt thin-film modules. Cianbro’s work also included installation of a complete underground collector system, inverter equipment, and a PVCS switchgear building at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland.

Project Details

  • Performed all excavation, backfill, and compaction testing for module foundations
  • Installed the underground cable system including:
    • Power (AC & DC Cabling), Instrumentation, Fiber Optic, and Ground Systems
  • Installed directionally bored pipe connecting two sections of the project below existing wetlands
  • Excavated underground trenchs
  • Installed underground feeders
  • Installed the above-ground photovoltaic equipment including:
    • Solar Panel Harnesses, Combiner Boxes, Photovoltaic Collector Structures, PVCS Switchgear Building, and Inverters
  • Installed pre-fabricated buildings
  • Installed grounding
  • Performed all terminations, testing, and commissioning for the electrical installation

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Cianbro completed the project safely and on-schedule while maintaining an aggressive project schedule and working with limited and confined site access. Cianbro constructed 13.8 megawatts of the 17.7-megawatts in 4 months through the use of activity planning, project controls, and open communication between all Project Stakeholders.

Constellation Energy was also the Developer.