Project Detail

Annapolis City Docks Bulkhead Replacement

Annapolis, MD

Scope of Work

Cianbro replaced approximately 700 linear feet of existing steel and timber sheet wall tie-back bulkhead with new cantilevered steel sheet wall and concrete cap at the City Docks Bulkhead in Annapolis, Maryland. 

Project Details

  • Replaced 700 linear feet of steel sheet pile wall
  • Installed 19 new shore power pedestals for vessels and  (6) 100A pin and  sleeve receptacles
  • Installed (2) new 600A and (3) new 400A electrical services with new panels, CT cabinets, and main breakers
  • Installed over 750 linear feet of new duct banks varying from 2-way, 4-inch to 24-way, 2-inch configurations. Installed 35,000+ linear feet of new wires
  • Installed 51 new 55-foot mooring piles (cut to specified grade)
  • Installed 48 new mooring bits in new bulkhead
  • Placed over 400 cubic yards of concrete for new bulkhead and boardwalk slab
  • Constructed new 2,100 square foot boardwalk with mortised edge for 175 linear feet of galvanized 4-inch by 6-inch nosing angle

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The project schedule was constrained by a window between the Fall and Spring Annapolis Boat Shows. This led to an aggressive schedule with $5,000/day liquidated damages. The City Docks Bulkhead is located in a historic district which necessitated an archaeologist to be present during excavations. The site has been an active harbor for over 300 years and the surrounding land has had many uses in the past. As a result, there were many obstructions to excavate around. While excavating duct bank the team discovered contaminated soil which stopped excavation work for 10 days until testing and remediation teams could be retained. Another challenge was the close proximity of the work zone to the public and adjacent structures within the pile driving zone of influence. Vibration monitors were used in tandem with a structural engineer to monitor site conditions and vibrations levels.