Project Detail

Pittsfield Solar Project - 13.9 MW DC

Pittsfield, ME

Scope of Work

Pittsfield Solar, LLC developed a 10 MW AC (13.9 MW DC) solar project in Pittsfield, Maine, in accordance with Maine’s Community-Based Renewables Act. Pittsfield Solar, LLC engineered, procured, and constructed (EPC) the 10 MW AC solar array, which included installation of 40,200 each 340 and 345 watt modules. Foundations consisted of a pole-mounted racking system with 35% tilt. Generated energy will be delivered to a Central Maine Power substation via a 2.7-mile transmission line owned and constructed by Pittsfield Solar, LLC.

Project Details

  • Pre-drilled screw anchor rack foundations
  • Installed underground cable system, including:
    • AC & DC cabling
    • Instrumentation
    • Fiber Optics
  • Installed ground system
  • Installed underground feeders
  • Installed above ground Photovoltaic (PV) equipment, including:
    • 40,200 each 340W and 345W modules
    • Solar Panel Harnesses
    • Combiner Boxes
    • PV Collector Structures
    • PVCS Switchgear
    • Inverters
  • Designed and constructed a 2.7-mile 12.47 kV electrical transmission line connecting the solar array to the Central Maine Power substation

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The 57-acre site is located alongside a significant wetlands area, which is located downhill from the solar array. Extra precautions and sensitivity to the wetlands were required during construction of the solar array.