Project Detail

Substation Security


Scope of Work

Cianbro installed a new 2,200 linear feet security fence and associated gates including electronic security measures, access controls, site lighting, and power distribution circuits around an existing substation.

Project Details

  • Demolished (37) concrete foundations
  • Replaced existing drainage inlet grating and related supported appurtenances
  • Installed (203) FRP drilled concrete pier foundations
  • Installed (4) bollards
  • Expanded the existing ground grid and install 5,230 linear feet of grounding
  • Installed (1) vehicle gate and (1) swing gate
  • Installed 2,200 linear feet of high security fencing
  • Performed site grading and back fill
  • Installed all electrical systems
  • Installed and commission security cameras
  • Installed new lighting
  • Installed Intrusion detection systems
  • Fortified existing control building

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

During construction, lightning and heavy rain not only caused the project team to stop work frequently to find shelter, but the heavy rain from the storms saturated the ground causing the foundation holes to retain water. The project team worked collaboratively to overcome the severe weather conditions that hindered and stopped work frequently to ensure the project remained on schedule and within budget.