Project Detail

Talc Plant Expansion

Ludlow, VT

Scope of Work

The scope of work included excavation of material for foundation placement, in addition to the erection of a 5,000 square feet five-story steel facility. Cianbro was responsible for placement of mechanical equipment while overseeing all trade partners who completed electric, HVAC, piping, steel erectors, siding, excavation, concrete and fire suppression work.

Project Details

  • Cianbro oversaw the installation of the following materials on site:
    • 3,898 linear feet of PC pipe
    • 520 linear feet of MCA pipe
    • 3,395 linear feet of CA pipe
    • 1,012 linear feet of gas pipe
    • 4,000 linear feet of 816 pipe
    • 10,000 linear feet of fire detection
    • 100,600 linear feet of conductor wire

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Winter weather extended the erection of the building, siding and roofing. In addition, the site was extremely small which required intensive planning of deliveries due to tight lay down areas.