Project Detail

Georges River Energy CHP Plant

Searsmont, ME

"Cianbro's employees are not only well trained, but they also bring great ideas to our project. Some of our best solutions to challenges with the project construction have come from pulling Cianbro employees to the side and picking their brains for solutions of what they would do to solve a particular problem. Along with a safe work environment, I appreciate the time that Cianbro supervisors spend planning their work for the day and for the following day, as well as communicating that plan to their crews in the morning before work." - Jim Robbins, President, Robbins Lumber

Scope of Work

The scope of work included the construction of a new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) biomass plant. The project began with the installation of new cooling tower units, removal of the existing truck dump, removal of a drag chain feed conveyor, and demolition of an existing kiln. Cianbro also installed the fuel metering system, reclaims, and fuel handling system. The fuel metering system includes the boiler train, electrostatic precipitator system, turbine generator system, and water treatment systems with their associated pumps, fans, and hydraulics. Materials for the project were sourced from a variety of locations; the turbine and generator were shipped from India, the combustor was shipped from Canada, the boiler and economizer were shipped from Texas, and the gearbox was shipped from France.

Project Details

  • Fabricated 130 X-ray welds
  • Installed 9,800 linear feet of piping
  • Pulled 145,680 linear feet of cable
  • Installed 2,500 linear feet of cable tray
  • Installed 10,000 linear feet of conduit
  • Placed 623 yards of concrete

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Equipment was transported from all over the world which required detailed logistics planning in order to keep the project on schedule. Cianbro and the owner were able to work side-by-side in efforts to mitigate many crucial logistical conflicts. Upon arriving in Searsport, the 230,000-pound boiler was loaded on a heavy haul unit for transport to Searsmont. Due to the boiler mass and size, bridge jumpers were installed to protect local infrastructure and required two full days to travel 23 miles. Working in the middle of an operational facility, pre-planning was critical throughout the project. Placing the equipment into the boiler building was a challenge for the GRE team. Due to access and schedule constraints, sections of the building were erected by J.M. Brown. As the combustor, boiler, economizer, and multi-cyclone were placed, J.M. Brown continued erecting the remaining sections of the building in parallel. Strategic planning and communication kept the schedule and budget on track.