Project Detail

PERC Roof & Siding Replacement

Orrington, ME

“This project went very well. The Cianbro team worked within a very tight time frame, endured typical Maine weather, and still met the project schedule!”

Peter Prata Plant Manager PERC

Scope of Work

Cianbro replaced the Tipping Floor building roof, reclaim area roof and tipping floor siding at the PERC plant.

Project Details

  • Removed existing metal roof panels, insulation, purlins and box beam supports in tipping floor building and reclaim area
  • Replaced existing purlins, box beams and roof panels with new ones
  • Removed existing metal wall panels, insulation, and girts on north wall of the tipping building
  • Increased height of north concrete wall and added guttresses
  • Installed girts and wall panels at north wall
  • Painted the existing steel framing
  • Cianbro Fabrication & Coating coated all of the purlins and box beams

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The Cianbro team successfully completed the environmentally sensitive project while the plant remained in full operation, receiving more than 100 trash deliveries a day.