Prefabricated Electrical Buildings (E-Rooms) Long Harbour Processing Plant

Brewer, ME (Cianbro Eastern Manufacturing Facility)

Scope of Work

Cianbro’s Brewer, Maine deep water Eastern Manufacturing Facility was selected to design, construct/supply, and test 22 Prefabricated Electrical Buildings (E-Rooms) for the Vale Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. Nickel Processing Plant located in Long Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada. Modules ranged in size from up to 140 feet long x 45 feet wide x 67 feet tall with the heaviest weighing 490 tons. All E-Rooms were transported to the Newfoundland site by barge in five shipments.

Project Details

  • Cianbro designed and constructed:
    • 11–single story E-Rooms
    • 9–two story E-Rooms
    • 2–three story E-rooms
  • Equipment included:
    • MCC’s and switchgear assemblies
    • Free standing Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s)
    • Harmonic and rectifier equipment
    • VDC battery systems
    • Fire and alarm systems among other amenities
  • Major electrical equipment was provided by the Owner

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The two three story E-rooms are among the tallest electrical room buildings ever shipped in the world.