Starcon International
Who We Are

Founded in 1983, Starcon International, Inc. is a privately-held, full-service contractor offering comprehensive industrial and mechanical services in the refining, chemical, natural gas processing, and food and beverage industries.

As a subsidiary of The Cianbro Companies, Starcon is part of the Cianbro Industrial Group, which benefits our clients through combined experience, talent, and resources offered through our companies.

Nationally recognized for our exemplary safety performance, Starcon’s unique and innovative programs and processes improve safety and quality, while also reducing cost and risk.

Vision & Values
Vision: Starcon will be recognized by our customers and team members for leadership in safety, quality, outstanding customer service, innovation and continuous improvement. We will promote a family atmosphere where all of us are committed to providing a personal contribution to the success of our team members, company and customers.
  • Safe Working Environment
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Team Member Growth & Development
  • Celebrate Success
  • Community Support
What We Do

Specializing In




Starcon’s turnaround execution team is comprised of experienced project managers, skilled supervisors, and a workforce that is committed to high safety standards, quality workmanship, and meeting the project schedule.

Our turnaround execution team understands that world-class performance starts with the development of a sound implementation strategy, followed by a value-added work scope process.



Starcon is an industry leader in providing cost-effective maintenance services. Holding continuous nested maintenance contracts across the United States, Starcon has both the knowledge and expertise to reduce annual costs while enhancing safety and quality.

Starcon site managers collaborate with site management teams to meet plant daily requirements. Our routine maintenance group also offers the flexibility to meet any daily maintenance break in work requirements.

Capital Construction


Starcon’s skilled construction management team has extensive experience executing both small and large capital construction projects for a wide variety of process industry clients.

  • Starcon was a vital part of completing this [project] successfully for an on time and leak free startup. The quality personnel for Starcon worked directly with [the client] through a sizable amount of unexpected discovery work to maintain a top notch level of quality.

    Turnaround Client

Health, Safety, Security & Environment




Recognized as a national leader, Starcon is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our team. This commitment includes our journey to Beyond Zero – creating an environment where our team members go home in better condition than they arrived at work; healthier, more educated, and able to influence the people around them. As leaders, Starcon team members continually reinforce the value of taking care of personal health, looking out for fellow team members, and not taking or accepting unnecessary risks. This is Starcon’s moral obligation. It is how we choose to work. It is a value instead of a priority.

Starcon believes safety drives productivity. Safety is the prime workplace factor to mitigate exposure wherever possible, eliminate at-risk behavior and experience beyond zero results on each project site; every team member has a moral right to an injury-free workplace. Utilizing the behavior-based safety process team members are provided with the opportunity to participate in safety improvement by identifying both safe and at-risk behaviors every day.

Starcon has received more than 160 prestigious awards over the last 10 years for our excellent programs and performance, including:

  • ABC National Safety Excellence Awards
  • CURT Excellence Awards
  • HBR Best in Class Awards
  • AFPM Awards

Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA / QC)



Starcon’s quality assurance process is founded in our company values. We have created a culture of measurement and continuous improvement, and we apply those tools and processes to our projects as well as our routine service accounts.

Starcon maintains a quality assurance program that has been accepted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (S and U) and the National Board (R). Our exceptional team provides quality service through programs to pro-actively plan, measure and address non-conformance. Starcon is dedicated to developing a strong working relationship with our client’s QA/QC teams in order to address the specific needs and requirements on each site, project, or turnaround.

Quality Management

  • CWI / NACE / ASNT NDE Level II Field Inspectors
  • ASME Section IX Qualified Welders
  • Specialty Welding Execution
  • Key Performance Indicator Traceability
  • Weld & Flange Log Traceability Tools
  • Project Execution & Package Management System
  • ASME U & S Stamp Holder
  • National Board R Stamp Holder

Operational Excellence

  • Dedicated Team with Data Driven Processes
  • STARPartner® Process
  • ProScan SM Barrier Elimination Process
  • ProTask
  • Readiness Reviews
  • SUAT-Start Up Assistance Team
  • Post Project Reviews