Cianbro is an open-shop employer and people are hired for a specific project; accordingly, employment should be regarded as temporary. When an assignment ends, and as needs dictate, employees may be offered another assignment on a different project. Employment is at the will of both parties and continued employment depends on many factors such as Cianbro's ability to provide additional work and the employee's skills, work performance, and ability to travel to other projects.

I understand that this application for employment is not a contract for employment, and an offer of employment is conditional upon successful completion of a physical evaluation and substance-abuse screening.* I further state that the information given is strictly voluntary and is true to the best of my knowledge. I authorize Cianbro Corporation to verify any aspect of the information given here and understand that misrepresentations or omissions of facts may be grounds for cancellation of the application or termination of employment if I become employed by Cianbro. I further authorize Cianbro to make investigations to my previous employers in accordance with Federal Motor Carrier safety regulations 391.21, the information supplied in this application may be used, and previous employers contacted, to investigate my safety performance history and I have the right to review information provided by my previous employers, the right to have errors corrected by my previous employers and resent to Cianbro, and the right to have a rebuttal statement attached to any information that my previous employers and I can not agree on; 391.23 (Investigations and inquiries); 383.35 (Notification of previous employment); and 382.413 (Release of alcohol and controlled substance test information by previous employers). I authorize all previous employers to release information regarding my employment to Cianbro, including my reason for leaving. I authorize Cianbro to release information to potential future employers in accordance with the same. Should I be offered and accept employment, I agree to conform to all policies, rules, and regulations of the company governing the conduct of its employees and agree to work in a safe manner at all times while employed by Cianbro.

I hereby release my prior employers and Cianbro from any liability for damage resulting from the information provided. I, the undersigned, have read the above and foregoing notice and understand the same.

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