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Former U.S. Ambassador Peter Cianchette Joins Cianbro

We are pleased to announce that Peter Cianchette has accepted our offer to lead the business development efforts of our companies as Vice President of Business Development. Peter’s background and experience as an executive in the public and private sector, as well as in international settings, uniquely qualify him for this senior level management role. His leadership responsibilities have ranged from the business and legislative to diplomatic and public service arenas, and include serving as United States Ambassador.

In private industry, Peter gained P&L operations management experience serving as Senior Vice President for a large multi-state cement manufacturer and concrete supplier to the construction industry. He went on to establish his own consulting company serving national clients in the areas of business and economic development, strategic planning, and government relations.  He also served as a partner in a Maine-based private investment firm.

In the public sector Peter has served at the local, state and national levels. His resume is highlighted by a bid for governor of Maine in 2002 which catapulted him to prominence on the national scene. His hard work and dedication inspired President Bush to appoint Peter as the U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica in 2007, where he has gained valuable international experience.

We believe that Peter Cianchette has the values, experience, network of contacts, and work ethic to help position Cianbro to take advantage of the many opportunities that lie ahead.

Peter will be join our team on July 1st.  










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