As employee-owners, Cianbro team members have a vested interest in working more efficiently, safely, and productively to ensure the successful completion of each project.

Sharing in the Value That You Create

Employee ownership is one of the foundations of Cianbro, which sets us apart from others in the industry. An employee stock ownership plan, or ESOP, is a qualified retirement plan in which team members receive partial ownership of the company. As an employee-owner of Cianbro, you contribute to its value and profitability while also sharing financially in the value that you create. As a result, our team members have seen consistent growth year over year, which is why we all have a vested interest in working efficiently, safely, and productively as owners.

Cianbro Team Member
More in retirement, on average, than non-ESOP participants
More financial assets than non-ESOP participants
Faster per year for companies that become an ESOP
Largest 100% employee-owned construction company in the US

Financial and Cultural Benefits

Employee ownership is about more than just the financial benefits. It also instills a special sense of responsibility within every team member to their fellow owners and the company. It unites our entire team and helps to reinforce that we're working towards the same ownership goals. Whether you are a carpenter, a welder, a supervisor, a field administrator, or a member of the corporate office, your efforts directly impact the financial success of our company.

“Together we are united in creating a successful culture for ourselves and our fellow team members and we all share in an extraordinary opportunity to shape the future of our company.” - Erin Wengell, Associate Architect, A/Z Corporation
“Every decision you make on the project impacts not only yourself, but every other team member as well.” - Mack Susi, Project Manager, R.C. Stevens
“We all contribute to the bottom line every day – and how much we contribute is up to you!” - Kim Sieber, Regional Engineer Manager
“The outcomes affect more than just me; they affect everyone in the company.” - Esteban Bernal, Electrical Apprentice
“Every one of our team members has that pride and ownership in their work, myself included.” - Lauren Walsh, Environmental Manager
“As an employee owner, when we follow the plan and a project is successful, we all feel like we've succeeded, too.” - Joe DiGiorgio, Project Engineer
“Being an employee-owner encourages team members to be mindful of and work toward a common goal.” - Lee McConnell, Senior Project Manager

A History of Ownership

The Cianchette brothers, the company's founders, recognized the importance of treating everyone with dignity, honesty, and respect. They chose to sell their portion of shares back to the team because they wanted every team member at Cianbro to be able to share in the financial success. By doing this, they solidified the value of teamwork that they built the company on, further unifying the company and creating an even stronger culture of success. Today, Cianbro is a 100% employee-owned company.

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