Cianbro is dedicated to lifelong learning, helping you develop your expertise and learn new abilities so that you can find many ways to succeed at Cianbro.

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Cianbro is committed to maximizing the talents of our most valuable resource: our people. By investing in our team, we have developed thousands of highly qualified construction professionals. We have proven, year over year, if you believe in the potential of individuals, and are willing to make the investment in those who possess the right attitude, are adaptable, and have the aptitude and desire to learn, their potential is endless.

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The Cianbro Institute

Whether you are new to the team or have many years of service, the Cianbro Institute is here to support you with professional growth opportunities for lifelong learning. The Institute works diligently to provide the best in-house resources while building upon partnerships with external organizations and educational centers to offer the very best learning opportunities.

Team members develop their skills through a robust selection of award-winning in-house educational programs. We also offer 100 percent tuition reimbursement when you complete approved external programs, certifications, courses, or degrees.

Nationally Recognized Education Programs

Safety Development

Safety Development

Health and safety are core values of The Cianbro Companies, with dedicated resources to ensure continuous education on the importance of recognizing at-risk behaviors/conditions and speaking up to correct these hazards. Our goal is to send team members home from work in better condition than when they arrived; healthier, more educated, and able to influence the people around them.
Professional Trade Development

Professional Trade Development

Professional trade development opportunities provide team members with the knowledge and experience to grow into journey-level tradespeople. Each program is tailored to include a combination of classroom and hands-on instruction. Cianbro believes this approach gives team members the best opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of their trade. Plus, participants in each of these programs will earn a wage while they learn!
Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Pre-Apprenticeship Program

One of the first steps in developing a career in the trades is through Cianbro's Pre-Apprenticeship Program. This program supports those who are interested in the trades but have little to no experience. Through classroom and hands-on learning, participants will develop the fundamental skills needed to fulfill a key role on the project team as a helper in one of the following trades: electrical, mechanical (pipefitter/ironworker/millwright), and civil (carpentry/concrete work). Upon successful completion of this three-week educational session, participants will receive a starter toolbox and a project assignment where they will apply their newly acquired skills while working alongside Cianbro’s craft professionals! Once on the jobsite, if the team member demonstrates positive performance, they can be endorsed into one of Cianbro’s formal, long-term apprenticeship programs.


Cianbro offers apprenticeship opportunities within several trades, including electrical, millwright, pipefitter, ironworker, carpenter, substation technician, and power line worker. In each of these programs we utilize the nationally recognized NCCER Curriculum (National Center for Construction Education and Research). The apprenticeships provide team members with periodic classroom/hands-on instruction and continuous on-the-job learning where they can apply their education. Upon completion, team members will become NCCER certified journey-level tradespeople, making journey-level wages with zero debt!
Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Cianbro offers management, supervisory, and leadership courses, all of which are tailored to invest in the long-term development and retention of talented, capable leaders at all levels of the company. Whether in the field or the office, these courses are designed to develop and enhance team members' leadership skills, ranging from multi-day sessions to rotational assignments to gain exposure in different departments.
Professional Development

Professional Development

Cianbro offers both internal and external professional development courses, including Lean development, field administration, annual safety specialist sessions, business writing, computer systems, conflict resolutions, negotiations, public speaking and presentation skills, and more.
Internship Group

College Internship Program

Cianbro offers college students the opportunity to work on a project or within a business unit in one of our office locations. Internships are focused on students pursuing a degree in engineering, safety, health, environmental, construction management, information technology, business or finance. As an intern, you’ll collaborate with seasoned construction professionals, contributing your insight while also learning from them to benefit the team. As a result, you will expand your experience and have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to a variety of landmark projects. After one or multiple summer internships, you may have the opportunity for your experience to lead to a full-time career after graduation.

Additionally, Cianbro’s interns will have the opportunity to apply for The Cianbro Companies Intern Scholarship, recognizing and rewarding interns who demonstrate outstanding academic performance and leadership. Plus, depending on your summer performance, you could be selected to report out on your Cianbro experience to our Board of Directors, followed by dinner with the Board!

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As owners, our team members have a vested interest to work more efficiently, safely, and productively to ensure the success of the company and in doing so share in the rewards.

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