Our vision is to be the best employee-owned construction company.

Our Mission

Cianbro will safely provide quality construction services, on time and at a competitive price. Through our can-do spirit and ingenuity, we will develop people, please our customers and deliver shareholder value.

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Our Strategy

Guided by vision, mission and values, we will carefully allocate resources to drive sustainable long-term growth and competitive advantage, focusing on key clients, markets, services, and geographies.

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Through innovation, efficiency, environmental sensitivity, and our can-do spirit, we will develop people, please our customers, and deliver shareholder value.

Our Values

We value people who:

...work safe and look out for other's wellbeing;

...exercise sound judgment and take action;

...accept accountability for their actions;

...learn from experience and continuously improve;

...treat others with honesty, fairness, dignity and respect.

We value our word as our bond; meeting commitments and expecting others to meet theirs.

We value our faith in others and assume the risk to establish mutual trust and respect.

We value inclusive relationships with others willing to work toward mutual goals and mutual prosperity.

We value teamwork where no one is smarter than all of us together.

We value life-long learning.

We value accepting responsibility, earning rights, and sharing opportunities.

We value our reputation as a measure of our integrity; we aspire to be industry leaders.

We value our role as responsible corporate citizens, being good stewards of the environment and community, not just the economy.

Our Offices
Corporate Headquarters
P.O. Box 1000
Pittsfield, ME 04967

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