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Cianbro's Ed LePage is National Craft Instructor of the Year

It's that time of year again when Cianbro sends the company's top rookie craftspeople to the National Craft Championships sponsored by Associated Builders and Contractors.  This year's event, to be held in San Diego on February 3-7, has special meaning for the company.  That's because Cianbro veteran Ed LePage is being recognized by ABC as the National Craft Instructor of the Year. 

Ed was nominated by his colleagues at the Cianbro Institute, and is the company's first winner of the prestigious award.  Among the criteria for choosing the winner are:  Student nomination forms which describe Ed's influence, Ed's past industry awards, his project and construction experience, and the fact that he is certified as an instructor in the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).  NCCER is a nationally known curriculum for teaching construction skills.  Ed has served on numerous NCCER committees, and is consulted on a regular basis to ensure the accuracy of the program's text books.  Pipefitting, millwrighting, and instrumentation are all areas of expertise for Ed.  He is known far and wide as a well-rounded instructor with a passion for his profession.  One of Cianbro's current instructors, Tony Ayotte, began his career as Ed's student.
Other virtues that have led to this national honor for Ed include his willingness to be available and accessible to his students.  He has been known to drop everything in order to get to a jobsite to offer instruction to students in need.  He is also known by name by many of Cianbro's vendors and clients, who ask for him when he is in line to serve on a project in a supervisory position.

Ed also prepares Cianbro's competitors in the National Craft Championships.  This year, he is coaching five craftspeople:

James Dungan - Millwright
Garret Bragdon - Pipefitter
Brett Adams - Electrical
Seth Webber - Pipewelder
Aaron Poole – Structural Welder

This year's team is one of the biggest ever assembled by Cianbro for the national competition.  That is due to the fact that Cianbro team members, which included a contingent of Mid-Atlantic Region craftspeople for the first time, did so well at the state competition held in Augusta, Maine in November.










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