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Cianbro Wins AGC Build Maine Award for Cross Center Project

The prestigious Build Maine Award from the Associated General Contractors of Maine has been presented to Cianbro for the company’s work constructing the Cross Insurance Center convention and performing arts venue in the city of Bangor.  It is the second year in a row that Cianbro has been awarded the first place AGC Build Maine Award in the Building Category, with last year’s honors having commended the company’s efforts at the Oxford Casino project. 

“This award recognizing the Cross Center project is significant for our company,” said Cianbro Senior Project Manager Jon DiCentes.  “But it is also important to recognize all of the people who made this landmark facility possible, including city officials in Bangor, the residents of the city, the design team and all of the subcontractors.”  

Here are the reflections of AGC on Cianbro's award-winning project:
The Cross Insurance Center is the new 202,257 square foot convention center in Bangor constructed by Cianbro Corporation.  The project took first place in the Building Category.  The new facility provides the State of Maine with a world-class venue for entertainment and specialty events.  This multi-functional facility can seat up to 8,000 people for concerts, 7,000 people for sporting events, and 2,000 people or 260 exhibits within the separate exhibition center.  This project replaced the 50-year old Bangor Auditorium which served the citizens of the Bangor Area for decades and was a former landmark attraction. 
This project demonstrated that Maine companies with Maine workers could complete and deliver a project of this magnitude and that the final product could exceed expectations.  At the completion of the project, 93 percent of the 54 onsite subcontractors were Maine companies and many of them were located within miles of the greater Bangor Area.  Management of the project by Cianbro included oversight of 1,235 team members and extensive collaboration with Sink Combs Dethlefs, the Architect of Record.

The project was completed with 400,500 safe hours and zero lost time injuries, with a four-month schedule advancement, and completely under budget.
Cianbro successfully managed this project using innovative construction techniques, a detailed Project Management Plan and Building Information Modeling (BIM).  This allowed for offsite pre-fabrication of major time-consuming components and for just-in-time onsite delivery and installation.
The new facility was constructed three feet off the foundation of the existing Bangor Auditorium.  During construction, Cianbro ensured the existing facility maintained 100 percent of its normal operations with zero impacts.  Detailed logistical planning, daily communication and extensive coordination of major work activities allowed the Cianbro team to complete the project to the satisfaction of all project stakeholders.

This project included a number of innovations in construction techniques.  One of many possible examples was the construction of the 184-foot long, 24-foot deep steel trusses that were completely pre-assembled on the new arena floor and hoisted one at a time into place.  Additionally, each bay of bar joists between the roof trusses was also pre-assembled on the arena floor, complete with steel bridging.  Prior to hoisting this assembly into place, a 96-inch diameter section of duct-work was attached and then lifted into place as one complete unit.

The challenges and difficulties and overall size of this project can be seen when one considers some of the following numbers.
The project included the excavation and removal of more than 50,000 cubic yards of existing earth in order to place the concrete foundations.
More than 7,000 cubic yards of concrete were needed to support the massive steel structure.
The Cianbro team scheduled the delivery of 250 loads of precast concrete while coordinating the erection of 2,500 tons of structural steel throughout the winter months.  Three sides of the facility were horseshoe shaped with 22 different radiuses thereby adding to the complexity of the job.  The construction components with these different radiuses were the exterior walls, slabs, interior walls, soffits and handrails.
Protection of the environment was another major component of this project.  The nearby Penobscot River was protected from sedimentation by the construction of a sedimentation pond that was monitored and maintained to prevent construction components from entering the river.  The demolition of the old Bangor Auditorium required special attention to the removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials. This delicate operation of removing asbestos and other hazardous materials was completed with zero environmental impacts.

Once the new building was complete, the Cianbro team turned its attention to matching the beauty of the outdoor landscaping to the unique appearance of the facility itself.  This included paved pathways that meander around the building, a large green space and the use of gardens, flowers, shrubs, and trees that maintained the sentimental nature of the old Bangor Auditorium.  And most importantly, the entire new facility was constructed around the historic statue of Paul Bunyan.     










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