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Cianbro's Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Team Reaches 200,000 Safe Hours

Cianbro's Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Team Reaches 200,000 Safe Hours

After 573 days on the job, Cianbro team members at the Sarah Long Bridge project have surpassed 200,000 hours without a recordable injury. Cianbro Safety Assistant Manager Mike Franck and Safety Professional Brendan Grant have been spearheading the effort to keep the team incident-free, along with wholehearted support from Senior Project Manager Kaven Philbrook and Project Manager Hank Cook. It's a safety achievement made even more impressive by the fact that the project is massive, complex, and has inherent safety challenges.

"Mike and Brendan have been instilling in us all the importance of having each other's back," said Field Engineer Finn Hadlock. "Right now, with the Kittery Tower segments, we've got 150-ton picks coming up, and our safety guys are making sure that we know to stay out of the way and steer clear of all hazards. We've got form work that's way up in the air, 60 to 80 feet at times, as well as cofferdam work. So there are a lot of different types of components that each have their own hazards."

In a message to Cianbro Chairman and CEO Pete Vigue, the Director of the New Hampshire Port Authority commended Cianbro's commitment to safety at the project. Captain Geno Marconi offered congratulations to every team member onsite.

"Everyone, top to bottom, should be proud," said Captain Marconi. "It is no small task with a large crew to maintain an atmosphere where employees and management are aware of not only their own ambient surroundings and the task that they are engaged in, but also watching out for co-workers. This personifies team building. 

Again, congratulations.

In addition, it is incumbent on me to call to your attention the effect that this has had here, at the New Hampshire Port Authority. Friday, at the cook out, there were some remarks made that drove the 'Safety First' point home. The founders of Lamb-Star Engineering were calling attention to the example that Cianbro has set and how Lamb-Star is incorporating that philosophy into their company. That is exactly what has happened with the Port Authority team.

Cianbro has brought a new sense of awareness and a higher level of safety procedure to this facility than ever before. I could say that the leadership of Hank and Mike is superb but in all fairness, under their leadership and example, everyone under the Cianbro umbrella here has demonstrated to the Port Authority crew their commitment to 'Safety First.'

Mike has engaged our staff in safety lectures, meetings and training alongside the Cianbro team and because of the higher standard of Cianbro safety, our level has risen. Communication between our teams on the ground here is excellent and the cooperation is seamless and those contribute to the atmosphere of 'Safety First.'

Cianbro is to be congratulated and thanked."

Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Manager at Cianbro, Scott Knowlen, summed up the achievement.  “The team has done terrific safety work up to this point,” he said. “The safe hours achievement is a product of the focus and dedication the team brings each and every day to keep the team safe. There are a lot of hazardous tasks left to do, but our team members are always looking for better ways to do the work, and better ways to ensure that the team goes home each night in better condition than when they came to work. I am positive that we will be back to celebrate 300,000 and 400,000 safe hours.”











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