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Millstone Outfall Fish Barriers Restoration Receives ABC EIC Award

Millstone Outfall Fish Barriers Restoration Receives ABC EIC Award

The Connecticut Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) recently honored Cianbro with an Excellence in Construction (EIC) Award and a Best of the Best General Contractor Safety Program Award during the 16th Annual ceremony held on October 25th. 

Cianbro received a first place EIC Award in the Industrial category for the Millstone Outfall Fish Barriers Restoration Project, which was located at the Dominion Energy Nuclear Connecticut (DENC) Millstone Power Station in Waterford, Connecticut. Nominated for its unique nature and overall complexity, including underwater construction, this project entailed replacement of two deteriorated fish barriers during a plant outage. The project team spent months pre-planning the work which included replacing the structural support steel, repairing the concrete abutments, and implementing a series of structural, mechanical and electrical improvements. The majority of construction took place during a during a 13-day outage where two crews worked 24 hours a day for seven days. Cianbro self-performed 97-percent of the project.
Millstone operates two Pressurized Water Reactor Units, which have fish barriers installed across the outfalls of the Circulating Water System Discharge Canal. Fish barriers are installed across the Unit 2 (west) and Unit 3 (east) outfalls of the Circulating Water System Discharge Canal. The barriers prevent marine life from populating the canal so that an ambient temperature drop during a dual-unit outage will not result in mass fish kills. Each barrier consists of removable louvered screens restrained by structural support steel that ties into concrete abutments. As a result of 40 years of continuous exposure, the condition of the structures had deteriorated and required replacement.
Cianbro began initial involvement with this project in 2015 when DENC requested input on a 30-percent design. As the design progressed, Cianbro performed additional constructability reviews and ultimately began construction in June 2017 and completed the work in November 2017. This project had many challenges, but the most significant one was the extremely small tolerances for installing the new structures into the existing abutments. The plan was to preassemble the structures in their entirety on-shore and set each one as a single unit during the outage, however, upon completing a survey on the existing abutments, a misalignment was discovered that prevented the structure from being set as planned. To find a solution, the project team enlisted Cianbro’s in house Construction Design team who worked with DENC to model the existing abutments, identify points of interference between the steel and concrete structures, and make minor design changes at critical locations. The project team also worked closely with Cianbro Fabrication and Coating to tweak dimensions during fabrication to align with the new modeling. The collaboration efforts not only allowed the structure to be set as a single piece, but the replacement was completed ahead of schedule.
As a result of winning at the local chapter, the Millstone Outfall Fish Barriers Restoration Project is now eligible for entry into the ABC National EIC Awards competition. National EIC winners will be announced in late December. This project is also the recipient of an Engineering News-Record (ENR) New England 2018 Best Project Award, which will be presented at a ceremony in Boston on December 12th.
The EIC awards program is the industry’s leading competition, developed to honor innovative and high-quality merit shop construction projects. Project entries are judged on a very specific criteria including complexity, overcoming unique challenges, safety, schedule, innovation and workmanship. The award honors all construction team members, including the contractor, owner, architect and engineer.
Photo L to R: Max Reiser, Ron Werner, Kris Ballard, Julie Carmody, Mark Reed, Eve Jordan










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