May 26, 2023

Veranda Street Bridge Replacement Earns Build Maine Award

Replacing a bridge in a weekend is an incredible feat. After months of planning and preparation, the team on the Veranda Street Bridge Replacement project knew they had a challenge ahead of them, and for their efforts, they earned the 2023 AGC Build Maine Award in the Bridge category.

The Veranda Street Bridge is on one of Maine’s busiest stretches of highway, with an average of more than 55,000 vehicles passing over it daily. Constructed in 1961, the bridge was deteriorating after decades of heavy use, with an inspection in 2017 citing its condition as poor and structurally deficient. Cianbro was awarded the $20.8 million replacement, and opted to use an innovative method involving self–propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) to replace the high-use bridge in a single weekend. This method allowed for the bridge to be constructed closer to the ground and farther from active traffic, improving safety for team members and motorists.

Teamwork and communication were critical to seeing this project to completion in November 2022. Maine DOT, Cianbro, HNTB, and Shaw Brothers worked closely from the beginning of the project, carefully planning for the 60-hour window in April 2022 when the highway was shut down and the team rolled the pre-constructed bridge into place.  

Congratulations to all the team members who played a key role in successfully completing this project and earning this honor.


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