Brewer, ME (Cianbro Eastern Manufacturing Facility)

Petrochemical Modular Construction

Scope of Work
Cianbro was contracted to work on a series of 60 modules for seven individual ethane cracking furnaces at our Brewer, Maine modular facility. The scope of work included construction of 56 Furnace Modules and four stair tower modules. The largest module measured 80 feet long by 60 feet high by 25 feet wide and weighed 260,000 pounds. Once completed, the modules were shipped from our yard down the Penobscot River to their final destination located along the Ohio River in Western Pennsylvania. The overall project will utilize domestic natural gas byproducts to produce plastic for manufacturing use, primarily in the United States.
Project Details
  • Ferrite testing of stainless steel welds 
  • Post-weld heat treatment requirements 
  • Hardness testing 
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Installed: 
    • 5,750 tons of steel 
    • 63,200 linear feet of pipe 
    • 13,000 linear feet of tray and channel 
    • 44,500 linear feet of electrical cable 
    • 31,650 linear feet of insulation
  • Completed 2,250 welds with a 97% acceptance rating
  • Performed 644 hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure tests
  • Pipe cleanliness measures, including air blows and hydrostatic testing
  • Instrumentation, installation, and testing
  • Heat trace installation and testing
  • Industrial painting and coatings
  • Engineered rigging and heavy lifting
  • Module alignment and surveying
  • Prepared modules for shipment
Lean, Innovative and Unique Project Solutions

Cianbro worked collaboratively with the client to overcome several challenges that are common on large projects. Innovative solutions were developed allowing the project team to work on different aspects of the project in parallel which was critical to meeting completion and delivery schedules.

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