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Wharf Phase 2

Scope of Work

The Wharf Phase 2 consisted of demolishing the existing floating docks, two piers, and three buildings and the construction of two new piers. In addition, Cianbro installed approximately 1,000 linear feet of king pile wall, along with a concrete cap, timber fendering, and approximately 75,000 square feet of concrete floating docks with utilities. 

Project Details
Cianbro completed the following:
  • Demolition of floating docks (~29,000 square feet) and 10 mooring piles
  • Demolition of Pier 3 consisting of the Cantina Building, Odyssey Building, timber deck, and pier (~12,000 square feet)
  • Demolition of the Gangplank Marina Security Building and timber pier
  • Installation of 997 feet of combination wall
  • 149 ea 70 feet HZM1080D-12 (king pile) (18,876 pounds ea)
  • 144 ea 60 feet AZ14-770 (sheet pile) (6,400 pounds ea)
  • Installation of pipe pile (143 ea) 16-inch and 20-inch diameter up to 100 feet long
  • Installation of electrical and communication utilities
  • Installation of sewer, water, and winter water utilities
  • Installation of fuel systems on floating docks
  • Installed 600 cubic yards concrete cap
  • Installed 11,000 square feet timber fascia
  • Installed 75,000 square feet concrete floating docks
Lean, Innovative and Unique Project Solutions

Cianbro installed 3,000-pound, pre-fabricated timber panels utilizing a custom built "jig" which facilitated the installation process. Cianbro also streamlined the construction process by utilizing pull planning and adhering to the scheduled milestone activities. 

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