Transmission and Substation Construction

Scope of Work
Cianbro constructed a 115 kV substation and seven-mile transmission line in central Maine. The substation scope consisted of below and above grade construction, and control house fit out of the 115/34.5/12.47 kV substation. The transmission scope consisted of seven miles of single circuit on direct embed steel monopoles.
Project Details
  • Substation
    • Placed foundations and established grades
    • Installed transformer oil containment and oil minder system
    • Installed yard conduit and ground grid
    • Fit and welded the tubular bus
  • Transmission
    • Installed 74 48-inch and 60-inch culverts for direct-embed steel monopoles
    • Completed I-95 interstate crossing nighttime work
    • Pulled in 126,000 feet of 1192 aluminum conductor steel reinforced
    • Pulled in 40,000 feet of optical ground wire
Lean, Innovative and Unique Project Solutions

After the above-grade construction began at the substation, the team noticed that many pieces of steel would require modifications to meet the design's needs. The steel erection team ensured that those issues were addressed immediately and provided solutions to ensure the critical path activities stayed on schedule.

The substation 34.5 kV disconnect switches presented several challenges, and the mechanical crew focused heavily on the troubleshooting, adjusting, and replacing various parts in highly congested aerial locations.

As the project was in the final stages of completion, the project team was able to complete the project through the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic without impacting the safety of the team members or schedule.

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