Synchronous Condenser System

Scope of Work

Cianbro constructed a new -100/+200 MVar Synchronous Condenser System as part of an existing substation expansion. The system included two water-cooled synchronous condensers, step-up transformers and various auxiliary equipment. The scope consisted of both above and below grade electrical, structural and mechanical assembly, earthwork and final yard stone restoration.

Project Details
  • Installed all yard conduit, grounding and cable trench
  • Assembled yard equipment, including:
    • Four (4) heat exchangers
    • Six (6) chillers & pumps
    • Two (2) disconnect switches
    • Two (2) circuit breakers
    • Two (2) station service auxiliary transformers
  • Completed the electrical fit-out of the machine hall, including:
    • MCC, switchboards, panels and other various gear
    • 650 linear feet of cable tray and all interior conduit
    • Relay cabinets & DC system
  • Pulled & terminated 63,000+ feet of cable
  • Erected all support steel and assembly of the 23 kV non-segmented and isolated-phase bus enclosure
  • Installed 136 linear feet of perimeter sound walls and three (3) transformer oil containment systems
  • Provided testing and commissioning support at project completion
Lean, Innovative and Unique Project Solutions

Cianbro was one of six (6) contractors working on-site during the peak of the schedule.  This created many challenges with gaining access to work areas given the site congestion.  The team was able to effectively work alongside other subcontractors to coordinate the work and meet the customers schedule.

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