North Carolina

Flood Mitigation

Scope of Work
Cianbro drove fiberglass sheet pile around an existing substation to prevent floodwaters from entering the substation during hurricane and tropical storm events.
Project Details
  • Installed site drainage featuring 8-inch drain valves in the sheet pile wall
  • Constructed a Presray Fastlog flood gate with removable mullions
  • Drove 161 pairs of 32-feet long fiberglass sheet pile
  • Installed new concrete apron and curbing with reinforced concrete joining columns
  • Drove fiberglass sheet pile with custom driving frame to prevent damage to sheets
Lean, Innovative and Unique Project Solutions

Cianbro drove a majority of the sheet pile with a crane set-up inside of the energized substation. To ensure the safety of the project team, extra precautions were incorporated into work activity planning ensuring minimum approach distances were maintained and all materials and equipment were properly grounded.

Additionally, Cianbro worked closely with the client to coordinate two required clearances and ensure minimal impact to the client's power availability. This was achieved by replacing the transmission and distribution lines connected to the substation, allowing Cianbro to install the last section of the sheet pile wall.

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