115kV Ring Bus Switchyard & 115kV to 34.5kV Substation

Scope of Work
Cianbro installed a 115 kV ring bus switchyard, and 115kV to 34.5kV collector substation at a site in Sanford, Maine. 
Project Details
  • Installed more than 100 separate concrete structures including:
    • Three major dead-end foundations
    • Two control house foundations
  • Erected associated steel and fabricated bus for:
    • Four 115kV circuit breakers
    • Two 34.5kV circuit breakers
    • One 115kV to 34.5kV transformer
Lean, Innovative and Unique Project Solutions

The team used steel instead of two-by-fours as templates for one and one-and-a-half-inch anchor bolts to gain efficiency. Using steel prevented swelling when the templates became wet, and made the templates easier to remove from the anchor bolts during finishing. The team also found the steel templates were easier to drill and adjust and could be reused more times that the two-by-fours.

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