Essex County, MA

LNG Liquefaction Replacement

Scope of Work

Cianbro set all structural pipe, support steel, and equipment for the liquefaction, BOG, pre-treatment area, and secondary pipe rack leading to the existing plant.

Project Details
  • Received and documented all owner-supplied materials, including piping and structural steel
  • Erected all of the structural platforms and pipe support steel
  • Set all of the equipment for the liquefaction, BOG, and pretreatment areas
  • Installed all of the process piping for the facility
  • Performed the assembly of the Solar Turbine and Ingersoll Rand (IR) compressor train and all associated inlet and exhaust ductwork
  • Leveled and aligned all of the owner-supplied pumps
  • Set and erected 358 tons of structural steel made up of facility pipe bridge systems, platforms and walkways, and equipment support steel
  • Set 55 major equipment components for the facility, including solar turbine, IR compressor, BOG compressors, and PDC buildings
  • Installed 35,778 linear feet of structural steel and carbon steel
  • Installed small and large bore process piping
Lean, Innovative and Unique Project Solutions
Cianbro utilized multiple Lean solutions to make the project a success. Pull planning helped the team break down the project schedule and meet the six-week milestone activities. The team scheduled equipment deliveries directly to keep the site from being overly congested and stored owner-supplied equipment at three remote off-site facilities. The team also leveraged Trimble GPS technology for survey and layout on the job site. The team broke down punch lists by work packages and finalized the lists as packages were closed out. That way, there were no unknown punch list items to close at the end of the project.

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