Aquasco, MD

Chalk Point Bottom Ash CDR System Units 1 & 2

Scope of Work
Cianbro installed the new Bottom Ash CDR System with Submerged Flight Conveyor (SFC) engineered by United Conveyor Corporation. The project covered the civil, mechanical, and electrical portions of the new system.
Project Details
  • Demolition work included the existing concrete floor slab, certain foundations, column remnants, drain piping, three grade beams, three pile caps, a concrete ramp, asphalt, and the existing concrete pit outside the building.
  • Civil work included the new fill, piling system, reinforced concrete slabs, curbs, pavement, tank pad, bunker walls, sump vault, drain trenches, and asphalt.
  • Mechanical work included a new submerged flight conveyor, transition hopper, center well, tensioner assemblies, dewatering sump tank, SFC accessories, platforms, lamella cartridges, handrail, HPU Skid, and the associated new pipe system.
  • Electrical work included the new starter cabinets, control panels, lighting, instrumentations, and grounding, modifying existing MCCs, and installing the SFC system's new power and control circuit.
Lean, Innovative and Unique Project Solutions
The heavy structural piece conveyor system had to be rigged and placed inside the building. Cianbro chose to delay placing the concrete piers, instead getting the crane closer to set the piece, creating a more efficient process.
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