North Carolina

230 kV Security Upgrade

Scope of Work

The project consisted of multiple security upgrades at an existing 230 kV substation, which included a new 10-foot-tall high-security fence with cameras, lighting, access controls and an intrusion detection system (IDS). The upgrades also included new pre-cast security equipment enclosure and associated electrical enhancements to support the new security systems. The team also conducted perimeter grounding and station stone improvements.

Project Details
  • Installed 1,812 linear feet of high-security fencing, utilizing embedded posts with five slide gates and two pedestrian doors.
  • Excavated, installed, and backfilled 9,000 feet of below grade conduit and pull boxes around interior perimeter.
  • Mounted 23 perimeter light fixtures on the fence.
  • Pulled and terminated all cabling for the AC panelboards, lighting, and telecom cabinets.
  • Installed above grade conduit for various access control features at the gates, including 30 fence and building mounted cameras.
Lean, Innovative and Unique Project Solutions
This substation was located inside an existing plant facility, which made it critical to develop a well-established site access plan detailing the logistics of entering and exiting the facility. The team successfully completed the project without any incident accessing the job site.
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