Project Detail

Madison Paper Machine Wet End Rebuild

Madison, ME

The project peaked with 500 Cianbro team members and 100 trade partner team members on-site.

Scope of Work

Cianbro rebuilt the wet end of the #3 Paper Machine.

Project Details

  • Demolished and removed approximately 200 cubic yards of concrete
  • Demolished existing electrical feeds to demolished equipment
  • Removed the existing headbox and demolished the fourdrinier, press sections, and specified auxiliary systems
  • Placed over 300 cubic yards of concrete for the mezzanine floor, additional support piers at the presses, and miscellaneous equipment pads and bases
  • Furnished structural steel, concrete, piping, and electrical materials
  • Erected structural steel for two new mezzanines, framing and reinforcement for the new roof-mounted deaerator
  • Constructed steel monorails, platforms, and equipment bases
  • Installed dilution headbox, gap former, press sections, related auxiliary systems, and associated piping and pumps
  • Installed process piping, skid-mounted hydraulic units, wet end lube system, pneumatic piping and tubing, process controls and instrument tubing.
  • Installed add-on Motor Control Center sections, DC drives, and temporary power