Project Detail

Substation Upgrade and Temporary Transmission Line

Withheld Upon Owner Request

Scope of Work

Cianbro constructed a new substation and installed a temporary transmission 3-pole structure to remove power from the substation. 

Project Details

  • Constructed a temporary 3 pole structure including ground grid to re-route power during construction of the new substation yard
  • Demolished the existing 138 kV portion of the substation yard 
  • Expanded the existing site
    • Excavation was performed via air-only vacuum excavation
  • Constructed a new 138 kV substation yard including:
    • Below-grade caissons
    • New steel structures
    • Grounding conduit and cable
    • 1 – 138 kV manual VEE Switch
    • 2 – MOAB vertical break switches
    • 1 – Circuit switcher
    • 3 – CCVT’s
    • 1 – Wave tap and surge arrestor
    • 1 – Station service PT
    • Flex taps and rigid bus

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Cianbro constructed the entire project with a 12 kV energized walking bus within the substation and performed work within the energized 12 kV structures.