Project Detail

Capacitor Bank and Series Breaker Addition

Withheld Upon Owner Request

Scope of Work

Cianbro expanded an existing substation to include six new Capacitor Banks. Cianbro was responsible for all below-grade and above-grade construction.

Project Details

  • Performed all earthwork in an energized substation
  • Placed 75 foundations, trench boxes and over 300 linear feet of 115 kV feed duct bank
  • Installed below-grade utilities
  • Set and merged pre-fabricated control house expansion within the energized substation
  • Installed (3) 115 kV circuit breakers, (6) 115 kV circuit switchers, (2) 115 kV disconnect switches, 6 capacitor banks, and 115 kV duct bank riser structures
  • Erected structural steel structures 
  • Fabricated all rigid tubular and flex bus
  • Pulled and terminated all cable in the new and existing control cabinets
  • Provided testing and commissioning assistance
  • Performed P&C construction for the tie-in

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The project team performed all earthwork within an energized substation with unsuitable site soils and very limited disposal stockpiling areas. Additionally, the project team worked within the existing yard with extremely tight clearances, under energized 115/345 kV transmission lines, and excavated/hand dug in and around existing utilities.