Project Detail

Substation Security

Withheld Upon Owner Request

Scope of Work

Cianbro installed a new perimeter security fence around an existing substation including a shooter detection system, intrusion detection system, closed-circuit cameras, lighting and access controls.

Project Details

  • Demolished and replaced driveway
  • Removed existing fence
  • Installed temporary fencing
  • Replaced existing drainage inlet grating and related supporting appurtenances
  • Installed the following:
    • 247 drilled pier foundations
    • 1 automatic slide gate
    • 4 double swing gates
    • 2,800 linear feet of high galvanized Clear Vu mesh panels with shark tooth spikes security fencing
    • 96 perimeter and yard lights
    • 11,500 linear feet of conduit on the security fence
    • 45 CCTVs
    • 2 - 230 kV power pots with ATS and step-down transformers to support the security upgrades
  • Pulled and terminated all wire and fiber for devices
  • Reinforced the existing control house with new exterior CMU walls, roofing, doors, and HVAC units
  • Performed site grading and back fill
  • Provided testing & commissioning

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

The security fence was constructed near existing energized structures and equipment.  Particular attention to clearances and minimum approach distances was crucial to ensuring that the fence was installed safely.