Project Detail

Substation Construction

North Carolina

Scope of Work

Cianbro constructed a new Static VAR Compensator (SVC) facility including all below- and above-grade work such as foundations, mechanical and electrical construction, and installation of a 1,100-linear-foot security fence.

Project Details

  • Installed 97 drilled piers and slab foundations
  • Set steel and insulators for 4,530-linear-feet of rigid bus
  • Installed capacitor banks, reactors, surge arrestors, transformers, potential transformers (PTs), and breakers
  • Mounted and adjusted 100 kV and 25 kV switches
  • Pulled and terminated 60,000 feet of cable
  • Installed strain bus and flexible bus jumpers
  • Installed a 1,100-linear-foot security fence including:
    • 95 perimeter post foundations
    • 7,850 linear feet of conduit and cabling
    • 22 perimeter light fixtures
    • Three outdoor security equipment enclosures
  • Assisted with energization and final project commissioning support

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Cianbro was awarded the project in three phases; however, the scheduled completion date for all phases was the same exact date. The project team worked collaboratively to effectively plan the work ensuring the project was completed safely and all scheduled milestone dates were met for testing and commissioning.